Discover our trending range of vibrant, safe and durable sunglasses that are sure to make your little one stand out in any crowd.Providing premium protection from harmful UV rays, ensuring your child stays safe while adventuring outdoors. That's why we've curated a collection of top-quality, trending sunglasses - everything your child needs to brave the great outdoors.
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    Whats Trending with Babiators

    What's New with Babiators?

    Drum roll please… we have some BIG Babiators news! We are excited to launch an all-new range for 2024, with new colours, sunhats, and awesome limited-edition frames. We have also launched a sustainable and stylish Eco collection, made from 100% recycled ocean plastic...


    The Sun, UV Light and Kid's Eyes

    That's where you come in – making sure their eyes stay safe during every adventure. If you're up for the task, let's delve into why prioritising safety is a must, especially when it comes to our littlest ones...


    Dive into the Babiators Eco Collection

    We are excited to launch our brand-new Eco collection made with 100% recycled ocean plastic. We are striving to stop the pollution of our oceans one pair of shades at a time...