Our Guarantee | 1 Year

Loose or break your Babiators and we'll replace them!

To guarantee your Babiators sunglasses, please register within 30 days of purchase.

We believe outfitting your little adventurer with safe, durable, awesome products is of top importance - we're not going to let loss or breaks get in the way of your outdoor fun!

So, if your Babiators sunglasses are lost or broken with 1 year of purchase, we'll replace them for free (all you pay is shipping and handling!)

Guarantee FAQs

Registering your Babiators is super quick and easy - just click here to register. You must register your Babiators within 30 days of purchase and will need the LF/UPC code from your product box, so please keep this until you have completed registration.

To redeem your replacement, click here and follow the step-by-step instructions. Please note a shipping and handling charge of £6 applies to each redemption. Your proof of purchase may be requested if it was not provided at registration.

We will replace lost or broken Babiators sunglasses within 1 year of purchase. Please note we offer one replacement for each pair purchased and cannot issue a replacement for a previous redemption. We will also redeem a maximum of 2 pairs per customer within a calendar year.

Our redemption system only allows for one product replacement per transaction, so if you need to redeem multiple pairs of lost or broken Babiators, you will have to submit them separately. Please note that we have a maximum redemption rate of two pairs of Babiators per customer, per calendar year, to ensure the guarantee is not abused.

In line with our T&Cs, your replacement Babiators will be the same size as your original pair.

Where possible, your replacement Babiators will be an exact replacement. If the exact replacement is unavailable, we will offer you the most similar alternative.

Babiators sunglasses & Screen Savers are covered by our 1-year Lost or Broken Guarantee. Goggles, accessories and clothing are covered by our standard 1-year guarantee.

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