Boost Your World Book Day Look With Babiators

Feb 29, 2024

Unless they are living under a fairly large rock, most UK parents will be aware that World Book Day 2024 is coming up. This year, taking place on Thursday 7 March, World Book Day is titled Read Your Way, and “will celebrate that children are more likely to enjoy reading when their choices are championed, and we make reading fun.”

Get creative and have some fun this World Book Day, ask your little one what their favourite book is, or who their favourite character is and let them lead the way.

If you need some awesome costume inspo, check out some of our suggestions below. We have put together a list of popular characters and costume ideas from our favourite books, all you need to do is chuck on a pair of Babiators to take the looks to the next level.

World Book Day Inspiration with Babiators

Harry Potter or Where’s Wally?

Get the look: Babiators Blue Light Screen Saver Keyhole Glasses

Two iconic World Book Day looks can be created with a pair of Babiators Blue Light Screen Saver Keyhole Glasses. The magical boy who lived, Harry Potter himself, and the sneaky striped hero of hiding, Wally. Both characters know how to rock a pair of black specs and are fairly simple costumes to create:

For Harry, you could go for a simple school uniform, tie, scarf, cape (if you have one – if not you could use a black blanket or sheet). Add a scar and a pair of Babiators and your little Wizard will be ready for their first flying lesson.

For good old Wally, grab a pair of blue jeans, a red stripey top, a red beanie hat and a walking stick – along with your Babiators glasses of course – and you’re all set. But remember not to take your eyes off your little wally or you’ll never find them!

Our Blue Light Screen Save glasses are great for screen-loving kids who are often exposed to a tablet, TV, phone or computer. Devices such as these emit harmful Blue Light which is linked to sleepless nights, eyestrain and dry eyes.

Grab a pair of these stylish glasses to help save your child’s eyesight as well as perfecting their WBD costume – two birds with one pair of specs!

Harry Potter Babiators

Gangsta Granny or Artemis Fowl

Get the look: Babiators Original Navigator Sunglasses – Black Ops Black

For our classic, super cool and suave black sunglasses, two very different characters spring to mind…

Criminal prodigy and mastermind Artemis Fowl (from Eoin Colfer’s popular book series, which is now a series on Disney+) is known for his stylish suit attire and black shades. Our Babiators glasses could not be more perfect to help your child perfect their Artemis Fowl attire. Just add a black suit and tie and some serious hair gel and you’ve nailed it!

Another – very different – criminal mastermind is Gansta Granny herself from David Walliams’ bestselling novel. Known to wear a black mask when she’s on a secret jewel-stealing mission, Gangsta Granny makes a fun and hilarious costume idea for this World Book Day. Borrow grandma’s favourite blouse and skirt and add the Black Ops Babiators for the final touch.

The best part about using a pair of Babiator sunglasses for a World Book Day costume, is that after the day is over, you have a durable, excellent quality and stylish pair of specs that will last a long while – just in time for the sunnier seasons.

If you are interested to know why it’s so important for your baby to wear sunglasses, check out this blog.

Artemis Fowl Babiators

The Cat in the Hat

Get the look: Babiators Original Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Dr Seuss was always my favourite growing up, from Green Eggs and Ham, to The Lorax, to The Grinch, it’s safe to say… I am a fan. A fan I am. If you’re looking for an adorable and relatively simple WBD look, the Cat in the Hat himself is a great option. A red bow tie, stripey hat, black jeans, a white tee and a pair of our Cat-Eye sunglasses would make a pawsome costume – don’t forget to draw on a little pink nose and whiskers!

The best part is, our Cat-Eye sunglasses are super trendy and practical. And as they are stylish amongst adults too, you and your little fashionista could have the perfect twinning moment!

The Cat in The Hat Babiators

The Queen of Hearts

Get the look Babiators Original Heart Sunglasses – Paparazzi Pink

Alice in Wonderland is a classic novel full of fun and crazy characters – and a ton of WBD costume opportunities. Our favourite unhinged, jam-tart loving Queen of Hearts would make a great costume this World Book Day.

Just grab a heart-covered dress, add a gold crown and a pair of our Babiators Heart Sunglasses and your little Queenie will be ready to play croquet and scream OFF WITH THEIR HEADS all day long!

It helps that these sunnies are super cute and perfect for plenty of other occasions like Birthday’s or Valentine’s Day.

Queen of Hearts Babiators

The Secret Garden

Get the look: Babiators Original Flower Sunglasses - Daisy

Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s novel, The Secret Garden, is a beautiful tale of friendship, curiosity, and flowers! As a kid I always dreamed of discovering a secret door in my garden leading to an entire garden filled with endless mazes, robins, flowers, and animals.

This World Book Day, let The Secret Garden inspire a costume dripping in flowers, greenery, leaves, petals and plants. You could clip a range of colourful flowers in their hair and add our Babiators Original Flower Sunglasses for that final floral touch.

Our flower sunglasses are also a popular choice of shades for spring and summer and are also available in an adorable Sunflower Style.

 Secret Garden Babiators

And there you have it, plenty of World Book Day costume suggestions and inspiration for your little bookworm, all with that added Babiators flare. With each of our suggestions, you are left with a durable, safe and stylish pair of sunnies made to last.

Please share your costume creations with us on social media and tag us so we can see what you come up with!

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