Why Babiators are sporting a brand new look

by Natalie Brown

Since its pioneering launch in 2011, Babiators has been flying high with brilliant innovation and even bolder style.

What began with a 'Fighter Pilot' Dad named Ted Fienning identifying the urgent need for quality children's sunglasses that parents and kids alike could love, Babiators have achieved impressive heights of success.

Now we've upped the game yet again – so what can you expect? 

Well, while we may have changed course with our famed branding, Babiators are still on a mission to protect, inspire, and support kids and parents so they can live healthier, more joyful lives!

Babiators new branding

Who are Babiators?

At Babiators, we are a family of friends, parents and caregivers that formed when a group of pilots on an airfield with their children in tow noticed the bright sunshine caused them to squint.

Babiators was born out of a need for eyewear protection — not only for protecting kids’ eyes but doing it stylishly! The Babiators team has grown by leaps and bounds over the 12 years, creating more designs and products every day as we receive feedback from customers around the world.

Looking back

Babiators flew onto the scene with their bold and aviation-inspired vision. With a clear mission of creating high quality sunglasses for kids that were loved by parents, Ted Fienning was ready to embark on his journey as an unstoppable force for children's eyewear fashion...and fly it did!

Our original Babiators brand featured aviation-inspired elements such as fighter jets, clouds and yellow ticker tape to bring the Babiators cool factor to life; it wasn't long before word spread of our stellar sunnies and soon hopped over the pond to UK, reaching stores everywhere.

Before long Babiators had gained global recognition from top retailers all over the world and could be seen on the faces of many celeb kids rocking them too. It quickly became apparent - we were THE go-to name when looking for must-have shades for any cool kid out there!

Looking back

Babiators new branding

Over the years, Babiators has undergone a remarkable transformation. From our humble beginnings offering one style of aviator frame to creating an expansive variety of products - there was no mistaking that it was time to capture our evolving brand!

Our new brand is designed to bring something fresh yet playful with colours and imagery which could reflect who we are today as well as where we're heading into tomorrow; modernising protection without compromising on fun! 

Our eco-friendly packaging

You can find Babiators' awesome new look across our brand-new packaging which is all made simple with eco-friendly materials. All our Babiators packaging can be recycled or reused plus, our chosen courier, DPD deliver in a cleaner and more sustainable way.

That means not only are you shopping for great quality sunglasses, but you're also doing your part for the planet. How cool is that?

Babiators fun

Everyday we shine

From fun in the sun to exploring new possibilities, Babiators has a renewed look that's all about unleashing creativity. Now with brighter colours and an inspiring motto - "Everyday we shine" – it encourages kids (and parents!) to take advantage of outdoor playtime for all adventures and its achievements.

Beyond being stylish eyewear; Babiators is also sending a positive message that there are no limits when given freedom to explore!

everyday we shine

Our attributes

We know change is constant yet something remains true: no matter how fast they grow up or change today – tomorrow will always be brighter at Babiators. That's why we continue to stand by the following five pillars to support our mission:

Joyful - For us, sunglasses are synonymous with fun and time outside. They’re the nurturing sidekick for playing, discovering, chasing butterflies, climbing trees, and whatever adventures our kids can dream up. 

Collaborative - Our company is, and will always be, a team project — built by friends and parents for kids and parents. It takes an abundance of trust, patience, and generosity to brainstorm, strategise, and build a business together, but for us, it’s the most creative and rewarding way to work and live.

kids being kids 

Authentic - We believe that raising kids is one of life’s most gratifying and challenging journeys. That’s why we make products that are fun and useful, stylish and safe. Because life isn’t one thing, it’s all things, and we’re here to stay true to that— and add a little care and joy every step of the way.

Expressive - We find inspiration everywhere — in the faces of kids, in art, music, fashion, and nature. Our sunglasses are the natural expression of that inspiration — and a way for kids and parents to share their own unique style and sensibility. As healthy and safe as sunscreen. As optimistic and energising as sunshine.

Trusted - As parents, we care for, inspire, and support our kids so they can live their healthiest, truest, most beautiful lives. Everything we make is an extension of that care — and promise to parents and caregivers that our products are safe, durable, stylish, and ready for every adventure life has in store.

trusted eyewear

New for 2023

Dock & Bay

Did someone say beach day?! Well, we're sure ready because we've teamed up with the award-winning Dock & Bay this year to bring those outdoor adventurers the very best in beach-time shenanigans.

For spring 2023, we're welcoming 4 new and exclusive styles that feature Dock & Bay's classic seaside stripe. Plus, you can choose from a gorgeous selection of accessories like ponchos, towels and tote bags to finish off your ultimate summer look (- yes, there's even adult sizes available!).

Stay tuned to find out more...

dock&bay Babiators

New styles

Beyond our wicked new branding, we've also got some seriously cool styles to look out for this year too. With lots of bright pops of colour, from Mad Melon to Rad Rainbow, there are some truly fabulous shades on the way! 

Of course, you can still shop the styles you know and love from last year, including our trending Euro Rounds, classic Navigators and quirky Keyholes in white, black and tonal hues.

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy shopping seasonal stars like Babiators caps, hats, ski goggles and more! 

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Why choose Babiators?

100% UV protection for child’s eyes
100% UV protection for child’s eyes
Soft, flexible & virtually indestructible
Soft, flexible & virtually indestructible
Cool styles that make kids feel like rockstars
Cool styles that make kids feel like rockstars
Lost or Broken? We'll replace them!
Lost or Broken? We'll replace them!
Eco Packaging
Eco Packaging
Recycled and reusable packaging