Top tips for travelling with kids

Feb 11, 2022

So, you’re off on your half term travels but like many parents, you’re overwhelmed at the thought of travelling with your little crew. As the Captain you’ll need to be super organised to make getting from A to B as easy as possible, but fear not, there’s loads of tip and tricks to help.

At Babiators we want our Rockstar’s to live life to the fullest, so if we can help make this happen, we’re on-board! Discover our top tips for travelling with the kids this half term and forever more…

Tips for travelling with kids

1. Don’t overpack

It may seem like the smart idea to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but honestly it will cause more havoc than it’s worth. Keeping a few familiar items will help to maintain your usual routine and avoid carrying not only one tired little traveller, but also 100 pounds of luggage! Playing a quick game of This or That with your little one always works well, as it cuts baggage in half, while also giving them the independence to pick their favourite item.

2. Pre-book where possible

Pre-booking events and outings will ensure you’re never caught out with anything, and it will also allow you to build a routine for the day (which will come as a blessing!).  This means you can schedule in nap time, snack breaks and other much needed daily tasks which can be sometimes overlooked when away from home.

pre-book your family holiday

3. Remember those safety essentials

If you’re going somewhere sunny this holiday, one; congrats! And two, have you remembered your sun safety essentials? Make sure to pack the sun cream, sun hats and of course, those stylish Babiators to prevent any tiny tears from sun damage.  Our fabulous collection of sunglasses, are perfect to finish off that holiday outfit with safety and style in mind! 

4. Snack saviours

Remembering to pack some tasty treats for your little snack-queens and kings will help to keep them sweet as a nut when waiting for luggage, stuck in traffic, or simply beating the half term queues. Plus, the food at your destination may be a little different than what your kids usually eat, so make sure to pack their favourite snack for any hunger tantrums that may be on the horizon.

Babiators tips for travelling

5. Child discounts 

Asking for discounts may seem uncomfortable but remember, they’re there for a reason! Child discounts are often offered on travel, food and tickets so make sure to enquire if it’s not advertised clearly. The worst they’ll say is no and we think that’s worth it to save some dough!

6. Invest in quality products

There are a few things you can cut corners with through life, but quality isn’t one of them. Investing in quality products means if it’s a little bit more expensive but will last a lifetime and make life easier, it’s the best decision. That applies to your kid’s gear too, which will take a beating on those holiday adventures. So, when you’re out shopping for those handy holiday essentials, try to factor in both price and quality of the product before adding to your basket.

Babiators Originals Case

7. Leave plenty of time

One (rather humorous) element to planning your holiday schedule is factoring in time for things to – well, not go to plan. Make sure to allow yourself some breathing space if that train is delayed or you’ve got to run for a quick nappy change. You’ll be thankful for taking things a little slower and keeping stress to an absolute minimum.

8. Keep electronics in your possession

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, your trip of a lifetime is finally here and you can’t help but feel just as excited as the kids do. When suddenly, the glare of iPads and tablet screens becomes all they’re interested in. Yes, it can be frustrating when you want kids to enjoy everything this awesome world has to offer, but electronics can also be such a handy tool to keep little minds occupied. To avoid them becoming more of a nuisance than help, always keep electronics in your possession and only bring them out when needed, i.e. On the plane, long car journeys or during downtime.

For those upcoming periods of screen time, don’t forget to pack your Babiators Screen Savers to help prevent eye strain and protect their eyes from the effects of blue light!

Babiators Screen Savers

9. Prepare little travellers

You’re probably already aware that kids aren’t a fan of doing things spontaneously, so getting them ready for the day ahead will (hopefully) make them excited and willing to participate in the day’s activities! You can integrate the conversation easily, when you’re in the car, waiting in the departures lounge or even on your flight – you’ll have plenty of time to kill then anyway!

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