Protect Your Kids' Eyes This Hayfever Season with Babiators

Apr 6, 2023

Spring brings beautiful flowers, warm weather (sometimes) and tons of outdoor activities! But with the warmer weather also comes pollen and other allergens floating around in the air- leading to allergies or hayfever.

Hay fever can make your little explorer's eyes itchy, red, and watery which can cause discomfort and irritation, so as a parent, you'll want to keep their peepers in tip-top shape to not dampen your spring outings...

Here at Babiators, we make it our mission to protect your kid's eyes throughout the seasons - so we're looking at how hay fever affects children's eyes and the preventative measures you can take to avoid irritation.

hay fever tips for kids

Protect Your Kids' eyes

As parents, we should be all aware of the importance of our children's eyesight. Taking care of their eyesight all year round is crucial, whether it's hot summer, breezy autumn or the cold winter season.

But with the onset of spring and outdoor activities, it becomes even more essential, given that hayfever can cause eye allergies, leading to discomfort, itching, and red, watery eyes.

Effects of Hay fever

Hay fever occurs when the body overreacts to pollen and other allergens in the air. When these allergens come in contact with our eyes, it leads to inflammation, causing them to itch, water and appear red.

Hay fever has even been found to affect child's eyes in the long run if not taken care of properly, as continual rubbing of their eyes can lead to corneal problems.

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Preventative Measures

There are a few preventive measures to avoid allergies and irritation in the home, including:

  • Investing in hypoallergenic bedding and tissues and keeping your home carpet and curtain-free
  • Make sure windows are closed during peak pollen hours as this will reduce the chances of allergens entering your house.

Shield their eyes!

One of the easiest ways to stop them rubbing their eyes and getting out the house even when pollen is high is popping on their fave pair of sunnies.

Even after sunset, sunglasses can help stop pollen getting into their eyes and while wraparound sunglasses offer most coverage, you may find yourself negotiating with style-conscious so we believe Babiators is always your no#1 choice!

Babiators children's sunglasses

Babiators' Sunglasses

When it comes to your little one's eyes, it's better to invest in quality products like Babiators' sunglasses that provide broader protection for their eyes. Babiators' sunglasses come in a wide range of sizes and colors for children of all ages.

Our sunglasses even offer polarised lenses and provide UVA and UVB protection, making them perfect for sunny days. Plus, thanks to our child-friendly strap, they stay firmly - but snugly - on little faces so even if their eyes start to itch, no nasty scratches can occur.

lost & found guarantee

All Babiators sunglasses have been manufactured with high-quality materials to prevent scratches and are durable to withstand children's rough and tumble play but that’s not-all!

They also come with our Lost & Found Guarantee, meaning once you register your pair online, if anyone loses or breaks them, just let us know, and we'll replace them for free!

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