Love their eyes this season with Babiators

Feb 9, 2024by Sophie Peterson

Tis the season of love, and what better way to show love to your little one this Valentine’s Day than protecting their eyes with a pair of super stylish Babiators.

We all know that if he could, cupid would rock a pair of our heart shaped sunnies – and how adorable would he look?!

Let us remind you of all the reasons you and your little one will love Babiators…

Sun and screen safety

Sunglasses are more than just an accessory, they’re a necessity for kids’ eyes. By encouraging your child to wear their Babiators, you’re not only ensuring their awesome status, but you’re also ensuring their future and protecting their eyesight.

Sunglasses are super important all year round – yes, even in the grey UK February half-term. UV rays are still damaging when it’s cloudy, and kids receive three times more annual UV exposure than adults. So get their shades on in the shade!

Shockingly, less than 30% of parents are currently protecting their kids’ eyes, and many aren’t aware that young eyes are more susceptible to sun damage as they have larger pupils. Our lenses offer 100% UVA + UVB protection, and our frames undergo rigorous product testing to make sure they’re safe for our little rays of sunshine.

We know that the kids of today love their tech, so if you let your little one have some screen time this half term, make sure their eyes are taken care of with our Screen Saver range. Our Blue Light glasses protect kids’ eyes whilst on screens with our category 1 lenses which block out 55% of blue light. This helps to prevent eye strain, headaches, and can help to prevent sleepless nights – which is great for parents too!

Heart frame Babiators

Style savvy

Not only are Babiators great for protecting your baby’s eyes, but they are also incredibly smart and stylish.

With a fun range of frames, colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, Babiators have a pair for everyone, and can help our kids feel cool and confident wherever they roam.

Did we mention that we have an adorable range of Flower and Heart designs for our little fashionistas – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Parent Top Tip: If you are struggling to get your little rascal to wear their shades, you could try encouraging them by suggesting they are special spy sunglasses, rockstar shades, or magic sunglasses that make them invisible – get creative! (Not that they should need encouraging, Babiators are pretty awesome).

Babiators Original Navigator Sunglasses


Another reason why your child will love Babiators, is because of how comfortable they are. All frames are made of soft and flexible therma plastic rubber, which makes them super comfortable and virtually indestructible.

So, this half-term, your little one can run around all day, causing chaos and making a mess as normal while protecting their eyes and keeping comfy - and you don’t have to worry about the glasses getting broken. The best part is, if they do get broken or lost in your first year of owning them, we’ll replace them for free!


So, in this, the season of love, pick up a pair of Babiators for your little one and give their eyes the love and care they deserve, and rest easy knowing they are safe, comfy and sooooo stylish.


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Why choose Babiators?

100% UV protection for child’s eyes
100% UV protection for child’s eyes
Soft, flexible & virtually indestructible
Soft, flexible & virtually indestructible
Cool styles that make kids feel like rockstars
Cool styles that make kids feel like rockstars
Lost or Broken? We'll replace them!
Lost or Broken? We'll replace them!
Eco Packaging
Eco Packaging
Recycled and reusable packaging