How to Choose Sunglasses for Kids

by Charlotte Gelstharp

Not only do little ones in sunglasses look super cute and uber cool, sunglasses are also important for protecting your little one’s eyes in the sun. Children’s and babies’ eyes get 3 times the sun exposure of the average adult.  As their eyes are still developing, they don’t process UV radiation as effectively as adults, so protection for their little eyes is super important.

This means children sunglasses are an important purchase, so how do you get it right?

Here are our top tips for picking the perfect glasses for your children.

 How to choose sunglasses for kids


The most important feature to look for when choosing sunglasses for your little one is the level of protection they offer against the suns harmful UV rays. We recommend choosing sunglasses that offer the maximum 100% UVB/UVA protection to give your little ones eyes the best possible protection. 


Always look out for sunglasses with durable and flexible frames. Your little ones glasses are inevitably going to go through some bumps, stomps and knocks in their time so make sure you choose glasses with flexible and durable frames so that they can withstand any adventures.

 How to choose sunglasses for kids

Shatter resistant

Similar to the point above, choose ones that offer shatter and scratch resistant lenses. At some point your little one will drop and stamp on their sunglasses, so investing in glasses with shatter resistant lenses will prevent them from getting broken or scratched. 

Polarised lenses

This is almost like the cherry on the top, an added luxury that your little one will appreciate. For extra comfort for your little one you could opt for glasses with polarised lenses to reduce glare and prevent them from squinting.

 How to choose sunglasses for kids


Picking sunnies that are comfortable to wear will help you win the battle of trying to keep them on your little one for as long as possible. Choose a pair of sunglasses that are made of a nice soft material that isn’t too rigid or stiff on their little heads and nose.

The right size

Choose glasses that have clear and relevant age categorization to help you get sunglasses that are the right size for your little one. Too tight and no one can blame them for wanting to take them off as they will be uncomfortable. But too loose they will simply fall off when they move or wiggle around. Discover our size guide to help you find the perfect fit.

How to choose sunglasses for kids

Let them choose

Let them choose. Once your little one is old enough and opinionated enough (it will happen), get them involved in the sunglasses shopping with you. By letting them pick their own pair of sunglasses you are ensuring that they like them and think they’re “cool” enough to hopefully wear with pride. Just make sure they pick ones with 100% UV protection for the best protection against the suns damage.

How to choose sunglasses for kids


We always recommend, for the younger ones, also getting a rubber or fabric strap with your sunglasses. They are always a good idea that prevents them from pulling off their glasses all the time.

Guarantee against loss or breakage

Kids will be kids, and we know they will loose or break most things that they own. So look for a sunglasses brand that offers a guarantee against loss or breakage, like Babiators, for that extra peace of mind.

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