Get Your Kids Ready for a Fun Sports Day with Babiators!

by Natalie Brown

At Babiators, we always want our crew to enjoy their outdoor activities. That's why we love Sports Days- they're not only great exercise but also fantastic way to make friends!

However, preparing for this day can be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to packing their bag!

So, for some help packing their bags while still looking cool and stylish, we've come up with a list of essentials like water bottles, hair ties, snacks and more that are necessary for any Sports day, including a pair our trusty Babiators in the lineup!

Kids sports day bag list of essentials

1. Sunglasses

We should all know by now how important it is to protect little eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are a must-have for outdoor activities, especially during Sports Day when you're out for long periods of time and their peepers are doing a lot of hard work!

We love our Babiators, which offers a wide range of trendy designs to match their winning colours! Best of all, they come with a strap so that your child can keep them on securely, even if they're super active!

kids sports day essentials

2. Water Bottle

Keeping your little sports star hydrated during sports day is crucial. Make sure to pack their favorite water bottle and remind them to take frequent sips throughout the day. Encourage them to personalize their bottle by decorating it with stickers or markers.

3. Suncream

Sunscreen is a vital but often overlooked item for sports day. Make sure to lather your child with sunscreen before they head out, and don't forget to pack a small bottle in their sports bag for reapplication throughout the day.

4. Blister plasters

Trainers, socks, and sports shoes can sometime cause painful blisters during long sports days, especially if they're brand new! So, packing blister plasters should be a part of your essential kit. 

kids foot care

5. Wet Wipes

After a long day running around, your little one may feel a bit sweaty and sticky. Wet wipes are a quick and easy way to clean up before heading home. We recommend opting for a biodegradable wipe which is kind to skin and the planet!

7. Headbands, hairbands

Sports can be bothersome when you have long hair flopping about which can not only get in the way during games but sometimes become a safety risk. Headbands and hairbands help to keep hair away from the face and make your child feel more comfortable during their fun.

8. Snacks!

Last but definitely not least, snacks! Activities can leave your crew member tired and feeling hungry- a sure way to an unhappy day. Try to pack healthy snacks in a packed lunch or snack box like fruits, granola bars, and nuts to keep them energised throughout the day.

kids snack boxes

Don't forget!

Whether it's the night before or early in the morning, preparing their sports day bag is essential to avoid any last-minute errands. Make a checklist of all the essential items and tick them off once packed and be sure to get those Babiators firmly on their face ready for the big day!

With the help of Babiators, we hope your sports day can be easy and fun. By following these tips you'll be one step closer to a successful and enjoyable outdoor activity. 

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Why choose Babiators?

100% UV protection for child’s eyes
100% UV protection for child’s eyes
Soft, flexible & virtually indestructible
Soft, flexible & virtually indestructible
Cool styles that make kids feel like rockstars
Cool styles that make kids feel like rockstars
Lost or Broken? We'll replace them!
Lost or Broken? We'll replace them!
Eco Packaging
Eco Packaging
Recycled and reusable packaging