More Information on our Lost & Found Guarantee

by Charlotte Gelstharp

Babiators are passionate about encouraging children’s sense of adventure and letting kids be kids. We know how children can be, so we wanted to create products that can survive the inevitable bumps and tumbles that they will go through. Even though our glasses are virtually indestructible, thanks to the flexible rubber frames and shatter resistant lenses, we know things happen or they can easily be misplaced. We believe outfitting your child with safe, durable and awesome products is too important to let the loss of their Babiators get in the way of the fun.

More information on our lost and found guarantee

So, this is why we introduced our “Lost & Found Guarantee” which protects you from loss or breakage of our products for the first year. So if any of your child’s Babiators products get in a little rough and tumble and break, or get misplaced on one of their adventures within one year of purchase, we promise to send you a FREE replacement (all you pay for is the shipping).

We don’t want anyone to miss out on this amazing initiative and be without their Babiators so we wanted to take the time to talk you through the simple steps you can take to benefit from our Lost & Found Guarantee.

Register for our Lost & Found Guarantee

Once the excitement of the arrival of your brand new Babiators products has died down, you now need to register them in the program so we know they belong to you.

The first step is to click here to start the registration process. Remember, you need to register them with us within the first 30 days of purchase.

Then simple click on the drop down menu to select the country you are from.

Next please fill in the information requested of your email, first and last name. Plus, you will need to UPC code to hand. This is the 12 digit number above the box’s bar code.

Then press submit. You will then receive an email telling you that you are now registered and this email will have a redemption code on it. Keep this safe, as we will ask for this code if you ever do need to redeem your replacement pair of Babiators.

That’s it! We have all the information we now need, and your new Babiators are officially protected from loss or breakage for a year.

More information on our lost and found guarantee

Redeem on our Lost & Found Guarantee

So, if you do ever loose or break your Babiators within the first year of purchase and you want to redeem your replacement pair, what do you need to go?

The first step in redeeming your replacement pair of Babiators is to click here which will take you to the redeem page.

Here you will need the redemption code that we sent you when you first registered your Babiators products with us. Once you have that on hand, simply pop that number into the box and click next.

This will then take you through to a page where you can fill in the shipping details you would like your replacement pair to be sent to and to pay for the shipping.

Then your replacement pair of Babiators will be on their way to you. Let the adventures continue!!

More information on our lost and found guarantee


If you still have questions, we will be happy to help. Send us an email to or call us on +44 (0)1932 570835.